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Cyber security and incident breaches are inevitable, and the risks rise every day. Many organizations are in a constant state of breach. To address this business problem, IBM® Security has created the IBM X-Force® Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team of skilled professionals to help you proactively fortify your organizations against today’s evolving global threat landscape.

These experts bring decades of forward-thinking incident management, security intelligence, and remediation experience to help you when the inevitable happens. They have consulted on hundreds of the world’s largest breach investigations across 17 industries in the public and private sectors.

IBM X-Force IRIS team provides

Intelligence services

Key to your organization’s security efforts, including threat intelligence, operational training, and subscription-based services

Incident response and
proactive services

Help you prepare for and respond to threats across your organization

Remediation services

Help you develop agile incident management processes and conduct strategic breach remediation and implementation solutions

Meet our security experts

When you work with the IBM X-Force IRIS team, you have access to some of the most highly skilled professionals in the industry. Here are just a few of our experts.

Wendi Whitmore

Global lead, IBM X-Force IRIS team

Wendi helped create the IBM X-Force IRIS team, using her 15 years’ experience in incident response, intelligence and data breach investigations. She has worked at CrowdStrike Services, Mandiant and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Christopher Scott

Global lead remediation services

Christopher has led incident response teams for some of the largest data breach investigations and leads the remediation services team. Prior to IBM, he was at CrowdStrike Services and L-3 Communications.

Ahmed Saleh

Global lead, incident response and proactive services

Ahmed’s team delivers forensic, incident response, and proactive security services. With 14 years of experience, he has worked for NASA, the US Air Force, Disney and Mandiant.

Kevin Albano

Global lead, threat intelligence

Kevin leads the team on threat intelligence collections, advanced threat research and information analysis With 17 years in IT, law enforcement and security consulting, he has worked at the FBI and Mandiant.

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The IBM X-Force IRIS team offers a wealth of skills, expertise and insights to help your company take control and transform your incident management and response capabilities.

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