IBM X-Force Command Centres expands the global line of defence

In the day-to-day security operations of your business, your organisation needs to be equipped with the right tools, expertise and leadership skills. Whether faced with an around-the-clock threat response or responding to an incident, it's nearly impossible to fully grasp the impact of security threats without experiencing them in real time. But that's an expensive lesson you'd like to avoid.

IBM® Security can help you prepare for and respond to today's most advanced threats with IBM X-Force® Command Centres. With global expertise, cognitive, and cyber simulation capabilities, IBM provides the industry's leading 24x7 security operation centres around the world.

Here, you gain a greater understanding of security best practices, the importance of implementing a security strategy, and the leadership skills required to be successful. Bring your team in for interactive simulations, and let us create a war room to help you deal with a major security issue.

Cyber range

First-ever commercial cyber simulator offers a virtual environment in which to interact with real-world scenarios

Cyber range

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Experience a controlled "live fire" simulation of a cyber attack to understand what happens before, during and after an incident.

Enable your team to dry-run a response to a security incident to test their operational readiness.

Engage with the new IBM X-Force Incident Response Intelligence Services (IRIS) team for incident response, remediation and intelligence services.

The role of cyber ranges and capture the flag exercises

24x7 watch floor

A quantum-leap renovation of the largest threat monitoring and intelligence centre in the IBM global network

24x7 watch floor

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Cognitive intelligence tools like Watson for Cyber Security to quickly synthesise data for evidence-based solutions.

Collaboration and capacity growth with a 24x7 watch floor incorporating leading technology, programmes and processes.

Capability to process more than 1 Trillion events monthly, identifying more than 200,000 new pieces of threat intelligence daily.

We've expanded SOC capabilities

Meet our security experts

With IBM X-Force Command Centre cyber range, you will engage with some of the most highly skilled experts in the industry.

Joe Provost

Threat modelling and simulation architect

Joe brings a unique perspective, with more than 25 years of experience in threat intelligence and engineering in government and research. Guest speaker at MIT and The Pell.

Diana Kelley

Global Executive Security Advisor

Diana is a media contributor, conference speaker, and author. A 2016 IEEE “Rock Star of Risk,” she is also an IANS Research faculty member, guest lecturer at Boston College and industry advisor.

Etay Maor

IBM executive security advisor

A security evangelist, Etay leads security and fraud-fighting awareness and research. Previously led RSA Cyber Threats Research Labs and contributed to the International Institute for Counterterrorism.

Allison Rose Ritter

Threat gamification engineer

Allison Rose brings her media arts background to security, using visualization, sound and storey to create immersive, highly realistic cyber security simulations.

With IBM X-Force Command Centre, our 24x7 watch floors have some of the most highly skilled professionals in the industry delivering IBM Managed Security Services.

Christina DiCarlo

Lead, security integration engineer

Christina leads the deployment and integration team responsible for security service integration and customer on-boarding for North America managed security services.

Mike Spisak

Senior technical staff and master inventor

Mike works on a variety of initiatives with customers using IBM technology for managed security, automation, and cognitive solutions.

Everest Chiu

Lead, automation and cognitive excellence team

With more than 17 years in Managed Security Services environments, Everest is helping transform service delivery. Previously, he led the worldwide IBM Managed Security Services deployment and integration teams.

John Kuhn

Senior threat researcher

John monitors client networks and analyses advanced threats in IBM Managed Security Services. As a researcher, he has hands-on knowledge of a wide range of security threats and challenges.

Is your enterprise ready?

Learn how access to industry leading security expertise is the best strategy for being prepared and responsive.

IBM Security expands expertise and global security operation centres to ensure clients can handle today's threats.

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