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SSG SCPM training

SSG Supplier Chain process manager training for SSG

The attached training materials were created as a means to train IBM suppliers who were not able to attend one of the planned classroom or internet based training sessions for the IBM Hardware Division(s) that you support. "SWF" files require Adobe® Flash® Player

Supplier Chain Process Manager(SCPM) training
File name Attached files Run time File size Description
Solution Overview 8 minutes 5MB High level overview of the solution
Getting Started 13 minutes 8MB How to log in to and navigate the solution
SCPM Collabs 20 minutes 13MB Defines Collabs and how to work with Collabs
Material Master 8 minutes 5MB Defines the Material Master and how to work with it in SCPM
Inventory 4 minutes 3MB Working with the Inventory Report
Multi-Collab View Page 8 minutes 5MB How to work with the Multi-Collab View Page
Forecast Cycle 12 minutes 9MB Explains the Forecast Cycle Business Process and how to work with Forecasts in SCPM
PIT Download and Upload 17 minutes 11MB How to Download and Upload PIT data
Macro Tool 11 minutes 9MB Explains how to work with the IBM Macro Tool