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Core values

IBM Procurement core values
IBM Procurement Core Values portray the understanding, integrity, team work, initiative and urgency that the company and all its divisions hold in the highest esteem.

Vigorously seek a full understanding of the capabilities, wants, and needs of the entire supply chain: IBM's customers, our IBM internal clients, our suppliers, and our suppliers' suppliers. Actively articulate both IBM's and our suppliers' viewpoints, and facilitate communication at all levels and functions.

Integrity and teamwork
Ensure both IBM and the supplier keep the letter and spirit of all agreements. Build long-term relationships with suppliers based on trust, honesty, and candor. Never compromise IBM's overall best interests in the pursuit of local or divisional interests. Expect teamwork, integrity, respect, and excellence from each other, our cross-functional partners, and our suppliers. Firmly believe in, and insist upon, true cross-functional participation which results in better procurement decisions and smoother, faster implementation. Be driven by common sense both to lead and support IBM delivering winning products, services, and solutions in the marketplace.

Initiative and urgency
Continually seek to improve and never be satisfied with anything less than a competitive advantage in technology, price, quality, delivery, responsiveness, speed and innovation. Add and protect shareholder value. Be driven by a sense of urgency and dedicated to the ever-increasing efficiency and effectiveness of IBM Procurement, maximizing the use of available e-Procurement tools in so doing.