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Commodity councils

IBM Global Procurement purchases goods and services through three major areas: General Procurement, Systems Production Procurement and Technology Group Procurement.

General procurement

Business services
Consulting/professional services performed in the areas of business consulting, market intelligence, education, and Human Resources benefit and support programs.

Complementary workforce services
All services that primarily require administrative or clerical activities to be performed by a contractor such as temporary staffing for call centers, help desk, mail rooms, reproduction services, graphics, drafting or other temporary administrative services.

All networking hardware and services including networked storage and wireless LAN, copper and fiber optic cabling materials and installation services, telephone hardware and services, and uninterruptible power supplies.

Facilities services solutions
The Facilities Services Solutions councils are chartered with establishing a global strategy and the resulting supplier relationships to fulfill requirements within IBM internally for the following:

Information technology (IT) products, services, and maintenance
Information Technology (IT) equipment hardware and maintenance, including; UNIX, storage, Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Kiosk, point of sale (POS), Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID), Wintel, peripherals, business equipment hardware (including audio visual, mail, copy/fax, and television/video cassette recorder devices), and other IT-related services solutions (including managed network print, Life Cycle Management (LCM), and Pre-delivery preparation (PDP).

Marketing communications
Services in support of internal and external communications, marketing and advertising such as guest speakers, entertainment, public relations, video production graphic design for media presentations, advertising, awards/gifts, promotional items with the IBM logo, article writing, meeting/event coordination and trade shows.)

Print services
Print services include multicolor printing, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, annual report printing, printed graphics, all web and sheet-fed offset printing (1&2 color documentation, multicolor marketing material, forms, labels, packaging and catalogs), digital/xerographic (POD or bulk copy 1 color pubs and short run 4 color marketing material), CDs and all paper used in the production of printed material.

Software licensed to IBM for either internal use or resale, including both commercially available software, whether modified or not, and software customized to meet IBM and its customers' requirements.

Local and long distance voice carrier services. Local and global data carrier services. Additional telecommunication carrier services include: Conferencing (audio, video, and Web), pagers, calling cards, and mobile devices (Smart phones, tablets, and cell phones).

All business travel services. Regional contacts include airlines, ground transportation, hotels, travel agency services, and corporate cards.

Technical services
All temporary technical services performed by a contractor to satisfy current and future business requirements. This includes all contract programmers and engineering design consultants such as programmers, engineers, customer engineers, field marketing support, technical writing, systems engineers, systems analysts and desk-side support.

Systems production procurement

Active, Optic, Passive (AOP) electronic components used in the production of IBM hardware. Some examples of AOP components are: resistors, capacitors, inductors, discrete optics, diodes, transistors, oscillators, crystals, and rectifiers.

Cables, connectors, fiber optics, and harnesses used in the production of IBM hardware.

Electronic card assembly and test (ECAT)
ECAT is the compilation of various electronic components that when integrated on a printed circuit card make a sub assembly which performs specific functions in a higher level assembly or finished product. The functionality may include logic, memory and features.

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs)
Complete LCD units

Logic - CPU, core logic chipsets
Industry standard x86 microprocessors (CPU) and core chipsets that support multiple brands (System x, RSS, storage).

Logic - standard and custom
Microprocessors and logic semiconductor electronic components including microcontrollers, MPUs, clocks, DSP, network products, peripherals/controllers, ASICs, PLD/FPGA, linears and VTL.

Mechanicals: fabricated metals and plastics
Fabricated metal componentry ranging in scope from individual parts to high-level integrated mechanical packages. Plastics include resin purchases and plastic processed parts.

Memory units and modules including DRAMs, SRAMs, and EPROMs.

OEM box assemblies
Turn-key IBM logo solutions (whole computer units, high-end DASD units.)

Products/services used for the protection of products such as corrugated boxes, cushions, foam, and tape.

Various types of power supplies.

Printed circuit boards
Printed circuit cards and boards used in electronic assemblies.

Service parts procurement and warranty
Service parts procurement and warranty (SPPW) is responsible to deliver value to IBM by the development and delivery of quality spare parts and after sales services offerings.

Storage devices and peripherals
Electromechanical and solid state storage units such as hard drives, solid state drives, optical drives, Nand flash, flash keys, and peripherals such as keyboard/mice units, video monitors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution units (PDUs), keyboard/video/mouse terminals (KVM), shipgroups, and publications.

Magnetic media such as tape drives and blank magnetic tapes.

Thermal (cooling) devices
All methods of cooling or thermal management of IBM products.

Technology group procurement

Manufacturing equipment build to spec
All capital equipment required for manufacturing such as: Integrated assembly tools, ion beam milling tools, thin film sputtering tools, wafer plating tools, test and measurement equipment, robotics, laser equipment, ultrasonic cleaners, parts washers, inspection equipment, microscopes, machine tools, lathes, mills, presses, saws chambers, oven material handling equipment (forklifts, trucks, hoists, conveyors, etc.).

Build to Specification parts such as: Non-product parts & sub-assemblies designed and fabricated from an IBM drawing (e.g. fixtures, equipment spares, shipping trays and containers, jigs, dies, pallets and machine shop services). Process related equipment for IBM, including test, process, material handling equipment, and custom fabricated parts.

Microelectronics division technology
Photomasks, wafer fab, wafer bumping, chip carriers, and bond assembly test (BAT) services used by IBM.

Semiconductor materials
Wafers, gases, corrosives, solvents, and other semiconductor chemicals used in the manufacturing of semiconductor chips and packaging. Some examples are: raw silicon wafers, acids, nitrogen, photoresist and polyimide films, solvents, flux, copper and tantatum sputtering targets, ceria slurries, metal, and ceramic powders.