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SPL Help

The Supplier Problem Log is a Lotus Notes based problem management tool that provides Internet access through a secured connection for external supplier partners. The tool provides a comprehensive and structured approach to problem management while performing the role of a central information repository for commodity related Quality issues throughout the enterprise.

Problem Log features include:
  • Structured security levels that restrict which documents a user can modify or view.
  • Access to IBM users World Wide through Lotus Notes databases
  • Access to supplier partners through a secured Internet connection.
  • Ability to electronically transfer problem ownership to another authorized user.
  • Ability for a problem owner to define a WW user team that can update the document.
  • Provides for a pro-active Quality alert function for issues that have broader implications.
  • Automatic notifications to users and management when target dates have been exceeded.
  • Automatic views by divisional, commodity, supplier, problem owner and other key factors
  • A customized multi-field search facility for ad hoc queries.
  • Capability to include related application files such as photos, spreadsheets, and others.

The SPL is a used by IBMers in the Development, Manufacturing and Commercial areas to track problems of all types. Two impact types are required to be tracked by the appropriate Commodity Quality Engineers. Other issues may be tracked at the direction of the individual divisions and user groups.

  • All “Stop Ships” that involve a supplier issue. The different divisions will specify the criteria for making a stop ship decision. Once the decision is made it is to be tracked in the SPL.
  • All Suppliers failing to meet Supplier Quality Limits (SQL) for a period of one month and more. The different divisions will specify the criteria and targets for supplier performance.