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User guide

This section of the Web Reporting (WR) User guide describes the purpose of the WR application, as well as the information that is returned and what the fields mean.

The Web Reporting application is intended to provide suppliers with the ability to run their own reports against their organizations’ own Procurement - related IBM data. This data is current through the previous business day.

The reports that are available for a given user are displayed in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen. By selecting one of the report links, displayed to the user is a form on which they can enter certain selection criteria to specify the information to be retrieved. Once the selection fields have been populated, the user may choose to either view the report on-line, or have the report E-mailed to the user's E-mail address. This is the E-mail address which was entered when the user requested an IBM Registration ID, by pressing the appropriate button on the report screen.

Web Reporting provides three (3) Supplier reports. Each report is described in detail by accessing the links.