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Getting started

Access to Web reporting
Web reporting is accessed through the application Web Order Invoice (WOI). It is a link located under 'Related links' in the WOI Home page.

In order for a user to be able to access this application, you must first have a valid IBM Registration Userid and password. In addition, your organization (company and/or corporation) must have previously been authorized by IBM to use this application. During this authorization process, a member of the supplier organization will have been granted access to the Supply Portal as a Guest Company Coordinator. This person will have the ability to grant other members of this supplier organization access to Web Reporting.

Each user will be granted access to one or more specific supplier numbers, depending on the structure of your organization. In addition, each user will be granted access to one or more of the available reports. This is all controlled by your organizations Guest Company Coordinator. If you have any questions regarding your company’s authority to use this application, please contact your local IBM buyer or IBM accounts payable representative.

How to register
Go to the Supply Portal website. Select Register. The Register page appears. Complete the fields on the page. When finished, select Continue. A new Register page appears displaying the information you entered on the registration form. Select Continue and you will return to the Supply Portal Overview page; your registration is complete. It may take up to 15 minutes for your userid and password to become active.

How to get application access to new users
First, a new user must register on the Supply Portal (see instructions above under How to register) and create their unique User ID and password. Then the Guest Company Coordinator (GCC), can login My Portal in Supply Portal. Select New user App: Enrollment under User function. The GCC must provide the correct information,

The IBM application administrator will review the enrollment request and to perform the final enrollment approval.