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Supply Chain Process Manager training

SCPM training for IBM suppliers

IBM is pleased to provide the E2open Supply Chain Process Manager (SCPM) training materials for IBM suppliers. The attached training materials were created as a means to train IBM suppliers that were not able to attend one of the planned classroom or internet based training sessions for the IBM Hardware Division(s) that you support.

There are three prerequisites to viewing the materials. First, you should identify the Procurement contact for the IBM hardware division that you support (Integrated Technology Services (ITS), Server Group (SG), Storage Systems Group (SSG), Retail Store Solutions (RSS), or Lenovo. Second, visit the link of the appropriate division from the menu to access the IBM division specific training material page. You may chose to print out the materials to reference during the recorded training. Finally, you will need to install the Webex player (URL link below). Then, simply select the file and open it to play the recorded learning module. The recordings were conducted by an E2open certified trainer and allow you to hear the lecture and follow along with the charts and demonstrations of the SCPM application for each learning module. In addition, some training modules contain exercises to help reinforce the training. You should plan to complete all of the materials to ensure you are familiar with the SCPM application use for the division that you support.

If you have any questions about the materials or what training is required, please contact the Procurement Representative for the IBM Hardware division you support:

Procurement contact representative
IBM Hardware division Procurement contact information
Integrated Technical Services Dwayne De Foor
IBM Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania USA
Phone: (717) 610-2372
Server Group
Kathy Noble
IBM Location: Poughkeepsie, New York USA
Phone: (845) 433- 9432
Storage Systems Group Juan Antonio Fuentes Alejandre
IBM Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Phone: (52) 33-36697000 ext. 3719
Retail Store Solution Lily WL Huang
IBM Location: Shenzhen, China
Phone: (86) 0755-86362046

Step 1: See the right sidebar links for divisional training material. You should visit the section associated with the IBM division that you support.

Step 2: Open the appropriate training file for the IBM hardware division(s) that you support and save and/or print out the materials for reference during the training. The files are large, so please look at them before saving or printing. Note, it is optional to print out the material.

Step 3: Install the WebEx Player™ by going to the WebEx Web site.

Get WebEx player™

Step 4: Play the files that correspond to the training identified in the training matrix for the IBM Hardware division(s) that you support. If there are exercises, complete them so that you are familiar with the SCPM function for that module.