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Supplier export education

The information provided is to enrich our suppliers' understanding of export compliance, which is a requirement for conducting business with IBM.


IBM is committed to complying with applicable import and export laws, including U.S. export controls and economic sanctions. IBM expects the same compliance commitment from its suppliers when providing goods or services for IBM. Suppliers must take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with applicable export controls and economic sanctions for its activities related to the IBM supply chain.

With respect to export controls, IBM expects its suppliers to comply with the export controls applicable to their products, which can include controls imposed by the country of export as well as controls imposed by the United States for items with U.S.-origin content. In addition, U.S. export controls apply to all of the technical data and other materials that IBM provides to its suppliers.

With respect to economic sanctions, IBM expects its suppliers to exercise caution regarding the potential presence of both restricted parties and materials from restricted countries in the supply chain. As with export controls, such restrictions may be imposed by the country of export and/or the United States, depending upon the nature of the transaction. Importantly, suppliers must consider the potential applicability of U.S. economic sanctions whenever dealing with IBM, given IBM’s status as a U.S.-headquartered company and IBM’s extensive activities in the United States. For example, suppliers must consider the prohibitions on the import into the United States of goods, services and technology from U.S. embargoed countries, among other restrictions.

For its part, IBM will not tolerate the presence of unlicensed items, restricted parties, and materials from restricted countries in the systems, components, raw materials, and services supplied to IBM. If IBM identifies such an export concern, IBM is prepared to take all available measures under its supplier contracts, up to and including the exercise of its termination rights.

IBM appreciates the continued diligence of all of its suppliers in this important compliance area.

Please note: These Web pages are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute advice by IBM as to any particular actual set of facts; nor do these Web pages represent any undertaking by IBM to keep its suppliers advised as to all relevant developments concerning U.S. export controls. Instead, these Web pages are designed only to get suppliers started in understanding their U.S. export controls obligations. Therefore, IBM encourages suppliers to seek competent legal counsel for advice.

There is no established schedule for updating this document, and IBM is not responsible for the content or frequency of updates of U.S. government Web sites referenced herein.


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