Procurement One Place escalation path

IBM's Procurement One Place (POP) strategy is to act as a first point of contact, which will provide problem resolution to clients or direct them to the right contact within the Procurement organization.

There are three geography support centers: one for North America (NA), one for Asia Pacific (AP), and one for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Latin America (LA).

If you do not receive enough support from the POP agents, you can turn to the below focal points. Please provide the on-line request number so that the focal point can act on the request.

Procurement One Place escalation path
Region Query type First level Second level Third level Fourth level
NA All
AP region (excluding India and Sri Lanka) All
India and Sri Lanka All
EMEA Procurement application-related queries or
Invoicing-related queries or
With whom to turn for Procurement-related queries or