Procurement Engineering Tool Set

PETS help and support

Procurement Engineering Tool Set (PETS) is an e-business application that systematically calculates IBM supplier capabilities and maps these against IBM technology requirements. Also refer to PETS Help. There are five tools as listed below:

Product, Process Change Notices (PCN) is used to manage and track Product/Process Change and End of Life (EOL) Notifications initiated by IBM vendors. See also PCN Help.

Quality Information Network (QIN) is the data repository for all IBM supplier audit activities. It includes technical and business system information related to qualification, risk management, and quality / performance audits. See also QIN Help.

Supplier Problem Log (SPL) provides a structured approach for identifying problems & cataloging their resolution status, while performing the role of a central information repository for commodity related Quality issues throughout IBM. See also SPL Help.

Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS) is a collaborative Supplier/IBM tool to collect, measure, and manage quality data and metrics for purchased commodities. See also SQMS Help.

Technology Qualification Application (TQA) is a common data repository for all IBM commodity qualification activities. It includes technical information related to qualification of IBM part numbers, suppliers, and/or new technology families. See also TQA Help.