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Marketing communications

Descriptions of General Procurement sub-commodities and contact information.

Advertising (general/traditional): Involves the purchases of activities related to creating advertising concepts developed to present the company's name, products, or services externally and resulting in the placement of the advertisement via print or broadcast media (i.e., newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboard, internet, and sms (short message service). All of the purchases for this activity (fee, production, media) are handled by one enterprise/strategic/core supplier: The Ogilvy Group, Inc. (Ogilvy & Mather, OgilvyOne WW, Mindshare). This excludes all activity related to recruitment services, which is handled by the Business Services Procurement Council.

Direct marketing: The creative concept/development/design of advertisement via mediums that are intended to cause a response through appropriate calls to action.

Gifts and awards: Gifts and awards for IBM employees; i.e., jewelry, crystal, plaques, and trophies.

Lead generation: Marketing communications agencies who specialize in development of lead generation and lead response management programs specifically designed for information technology (IT) industry marketplace.

Trade shows: Procurement of trade show space and trade show related services.

Marketing events: Procurement of creative events. This does not include hotels/convention centers.

Naming/branding/design: Creation/management of brand promise, positioning and identity creation, the valuation of a brand, establishment of brand principles and practices, sub-brand strategies, brand extensions. Naming services, product, and graphic design.

Photography:Creation of CD/DVD & photography deliverables and related services. Includes concept, design, development, production/editing of audio/visual tape/ stock / digital / creative photography and imagery. Also includes multi-mediawhich may include Information Arch., Application Development, Navigation Layout, Concept/Theme Development for the Multi-media element, Graphic Design and Photography, 3D Design and Animation.

Promotional items: Specialty promotional items that include an IBM eight bar/e-business logo and sub-brand logo: pens, cups, shirts, hats. Give-aways to promote IBM services/hardware/software.

Public relations/media: Involves the purchase of goods and services related to the creation, design, and presentation of messages, materials, and related activities used to publicize IBM strategy, leadership, products, and offerings. Includes: creation/implementation of communications strategy; advice/counsel to IBM management on industry issues and competitive developments; developing relationships with reporters, analysts, and industry influences to increase awareness and coverage of IBM; executive communications support, including development of bylined articles, presentations, and media training; preparation of communications materials, such as press releases/kits, management, and employee communications.

Sponsorship marketing: Although IBM selects the properties/relationships with whom to enter into sponsorship agreements, support services in areas of sponsorship hospitality and event management, sports information technology, or specialized consultant market services organizations can be addressed.

Video productions: Creation of all video production and related services for customer events. Falls under Marketing Events.