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IBM Global logistics packaging forms and processes

IBM has two Web-enabled databases for IBM packaging data collection on our Electronic Supply Chain Interlock (ESI) Packaging application for distribution data and environmental compliance. Usage of these new databases by our suppliers and by IBM Procurement and Engineering will be mandatory.


We (IBM) are required by law to pay fees on imports into European Union (EU) member state consortiums and schemes (and expanding into other regions of the world) to facilitate the disposal/recycling of packaging waste. If an IBM solution or consolidated shipment contains an IBM/Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) manufactured item, that item is considered "imported by IBM" and, as such, is subject to these same fees. The fees are based on the types and amounts of packaging materials, and this information is collected on the Electronic Supply Chain Interlock package (ESI Pkg) database form. If an IBM/OEM item is an orderable entity and can end up in the hands of a customer or business partner, then we need a package data form created for it. There are a couple of ways to do this:

The main point is that if an IBM/OEM item is an orderable entity and can end up in the hands of a customer or a business partner, either as part of a consolidated or individual shipment from or on behalf of IBM, then there is a requirement to load packaging data into the ESI Pkg database.