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Global labeling -- supplier newsletter

26 November 2013

Subject:   IBM Global Labeling Guides update

Dear Supplier:

The different volumes of the IBM Global Labeling Guides are periodically reviewed and updated. With the latest review cycle in November 2013, new versions of volumes 8 and 9 have been published and are now available to users.

It is planned to update volumes 3, 4, 5 and 7 in the 1st quarter 2014.

Please note that an additional specification document was recently added to the series of documents posted under the 'Global Labeling Guides' website. It is called 'Blue Seal Specifications for IBM service Parts' and it provides requirements, specification and guidance for field replaceable service parts repaired or procured for IBM.

The guides are accessible under the IBM Procurement Global labeling guides Web page.

Compliance with these guides is essential to facilitate product receipt and handling by IBM business units as well as IBM's customers and business partners.

To ensure that your labels support the business unit(s) to which you supply products, please have your IBM engineering representative(s) review any label changes prior to putting them into production.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and adherence to the requirements of the labeling guides.

Erich Guenter
Global Labeling Program Manager
Integrated Supply Chain, Global Logistics
D-65936 Frankfurt, Germany
Phone: (+49) 69-6645-6919