Business services

Descriptions of General Procurement sub-commodities and contact information.

Consulting and professional services: Business consulting.

Education and training: Personal and professional skill enhancement, technical/instructor-led education. Includes sales, marketing, management and executive development, programming courses, engineering, networking, system architect, and design courses. For information on becoming a sub-tier to an existing national supplier, contact

Financial services: Functional consulting involving accounting, capital investment, costing, and debt collection.

Human resources: Suppliers who support human resources by providing human resources consulting, human resources program/benefit administration, and recruiting search firms. Recruiting does not include technical sub-contracting such as programmers, systems analysts, or network engineers. See "technical services." Do not submit any resumes.

IT consulting: Person or firm providing independent advise and counsel (white paper) on computer hardware, systems and networks, including IT consultancy services supporting Information System (IS) strategy, Information Technology (IT) and network planning, architectural assessments, operational analysis, technical systems and network designs, supplier assessments, and maintenance planning. Limited to the concept phase. (Does not include the procurement of building/implementing technical solutions, prototyping a system, or technical sub-contracting. See technical services.

Market research: Research related to Web site, strategy assessments, market opportunity studies, and analysis of IBM and IBM competitor product offerings. This also includes electronic delivery of subscriptions to, as well as commercially available market data related to, market conditions, product standings, and product evaluations (includes surveys).

Recruiting: Recruitment/search firms/external firms that specialize in locating and recruiting full-time personnel for employment in IBM. Please note this does not include Technical subcontracting; i.e., programmers, systems analysts, network engineers. See technical services.

Translation/interpreter services: Translate/interpret translation of the written or spoken word from one language to another. Includes interpreters for the deaf and communication assistance. Does not include the procurement of hardware, software, mass printing of translated documents, dictaphone or transcribing services.