Update your profile

A profile exists in 'Supply Portal' which contains your personal information such as name, address, company name and phone numbers. The changes made in the profile are stored locally in 'Supply Portal' and not updated to any other IBM systems. If the user would like to make the same updates in other IBM systems, such as 'IBM Registration', the user must directly access those systems and make the updates in those systems. You may access this profile and make changes at any time.

To update user profile in the Supply Portal site:

  • Access the Supply Portal overview.
  • Access 'My Portal: My Functions' under 'User' functions.
  • Select 'Update Profile' under 'User' function.
  • The 'User information change' page appears displaying your user profile information. Make any change to the user information then select 'Submit'.
  • A new 'User information change' page appears confirming that your information has been updated successfully.

To update user profile in the IBM Registration (IR) site:

  • Access the Supply Portal overview.
  • Select 'Change password' in the left navigator. The 'My IBM Registration' page appears.
  • Select ' Change your email, change or add personal information, address information' link.
  • Type in your IR user ID and password then select 'Submit'.
  • Change your profile information as desired (for example, challenge question/answer, name, phone number, address), then select 'Submit.
  • Select 'Continue' to return to the 'Supply Portal Overview' page.