Search for a user

You can perform a search for any member of your company who is enrolled for one or more Supply Portal application(s).

Follow these steps to search for an established user in your company:

  • Access your personalized 'My Portal:My Functions' page from the Supply Portal overview.
  • Select 'User' under the 'Search' functions.
  • The 'User search' page appears. Type any part of the userid (in lower case only) or name of the user who you want to search. This field is case sensitive. Select 'Search'. You can also leave the search field blank and then select 'Search'. The system will display all the user information pertaining to your company.
  • The 'User search results' page appears, displaying the name, user contacts and company of each user whose name matches your search criteria. If present, select the 'Next', 'Previous', 'Last page' and 'First page' buttons to navigate around the search results. The buttons will not appear if your search results are displayed on a single page.