Remove your access to an application

Follow these steps to request the removal of your access to one of the restricted applications for which you are enrolled:

  • Access your personalized 'My Portal: My Functions' page from the Supply Portal overview.
  • Select 'User Remove App. Access' under 'User' functions.
  • The 'Remove application access' page appears. Select the application you want to remove your access to, then select 'Continue'.
  • Depending on the application, you may get another 'Remove application access' page where you must make elections to properly identify the application to which access is to be removed. If this is the case, make the appropriate choices then select 'Continue'.
  • Another 'Remove application access' page appears confirming the choices you made on prior pages. Select 'Submit'.
  • A final 'Remove application access' page appears, thanking you for your request and listing your request number. Make a note of this number. If your e-mail address is available, you will be notified of the outcome of your request once it is completed.

Tip: Select the underlined text in a field name to open a field help window. If you need to make changes to your selections use your browser’s 'Back' button, make your changes and proceed until you get back to the step you were at.