Process pending requests

Coordinator can view and process pending requests on your personalized 'My Portal: My Functions' page.

Follow these steps to process a pending request:

  • Access your personalized 'My Portal: My Functions' page from the Supply Portal overview.
  • Select 'x pending requests' (in underlined blue text) on the page.
    Note: 'x' is the number of requests pending for your attention.
  • The 'Pending requests' page appears. Select the request you would like to process by selecting the organization name - user ID label in blue text under the 'Organization-user name'column heading. Note: You can determine the type of request by the description in the 'Function requested' column heading.
  • The 'Request Management' page for that request appears. This page contains the request information, requested user's data, request data and history.

    Follow the below steps to process a pending request if the request is to:
    • Add application access for a new user - complete any fields in the 'Requested User’s Data' section that were not prefilled.
      Note: A request for application access from a new guest user (user role 105) must not have any “” suffix in the user ID. While it is possible to approve a request for a user ID with this suffix, the user will not be able to use the Supply Portal. Reject any such requests.
    • Access to an application - select the appropriate role in the 'Assigned portal role' field (either regular user or coordinator). The 'Assigned portal role' field does not appear if the request is to remove application access. Also, if you are rejecting or holding the pending request there is no need to complete this field.
    • Access to an application that requires the requester to make choices in application-specific fields - review the selections made by the requester or last approver (if any) and change them if necessary.
  • Add any relevant comments you may have in the 'Your comments' field. If you reject or hold the request, these comments will be forwarded to the requester and any previous approvers of the request.
  • If you want to approve the request, select 'Approve'. If you want to reject the request select 'Reject'. If you do not want to complete your processing of the request at this time, select 'Hold'.
  • A 'Request Management Status' page appears, listing your step number in the approval cycle and the number of the next step, if any.