Obtaining a userid and password

Follow the instructions below to obtain a userid and password. Note: Before an individual guest user can register for a restricted application, both the guest’s company and a guest coordinator within that company must be predefined and registered for the application.

  • Access the Supply Portal overview.
  • Select 'Register'. The 'My IBM Registration' page 1 of 2 appears. Complete the registration form then select 'Continue'.

Note: Fields designated with an asterisk (*) are required fields and must be completed to finish the transaction; other fields are optional.

  • Continue to complete 'My IBM Registration' page 2 of 2 then select 'Submit'.
  • Select 'Continue' will return you to the 'Supply Portal Overview'.

Note: You should write down and keep in a safe place your IBM Registration (IR) user ID, password, challenge question and the answer to the challenge question. You may be asked to supply the answer to the challenge question occasionally to confirm your identity.