Display application news

You can read news about any of the Supply Portal applications that your company is authorized to access. Follow these steps to display news for an application:

  • Access your personalized 'My Portal: My functions' page from the Supply Portal overview.
  • Select 'Display Application News' under the 'Search' functions.
  • A 'Display Application News' page appears. Select an application then select 'Display'.

Note: If the application has no sub-applications, another 'Display application news' page appears displaying any news about the application. If the application has sub-applications, the page will display the name of the parent application and sub-applications preceded by the word 'News'. Select the word 'News' by the parent application to display news for the parent application, or select the word 'News' by a sub-application to display news only for that sub-application.

Tip: You can also access application news for any application by selecting the word 'News' just to the right of the application description on your 'My Portal: My Functions' page or on the Public Portal page.