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Approval cycles

Each type of request involving access to a restricted application requires approval by one or more coordinators and/or administrators before the request can be finalized. This is called the approval cycle.

The application owner specifies the approval cycle for an application, thus allowing approval for application access to be dynamic and flexible. Each application predefines the user roles that must act as approvers in the approval cycle as well as the order in which each approver reviews a request, according to the type of request and the role of the person who made the request. For example, the owners of the ESI Commodity application may specify that these three roles must approve a guest coordinator’s request to enroll a new user from the same company: the application administrator first, the guest coordinator second, and the portal administrator third. For more information see Role definitions.

Each access request generates a pending request that appears to one approver at a time; only the approver whose turn it is to process the request will be able to see the request.

The approval cycle is transparent to the user who made the request until the final approver in the cycle has approved the request. At that time, the requester and the user on whose behalf the request was made (if this person was not the requester) are notified of the results by E-mail. If the request is rejected, then the approval cycle does not continue to the next approver (if any) and an E-mail is sent notifying the requester of the rejection.