Access your personalized My Portal page

Follow these steps to access your personalized 'My Portal: My Functions' page:

  1. Access the Supply Portal overview.
  2. Select 'My Portal: My Functions' on the 'Supply Portal overview' page.
  3. Enter the user ID and the password that you obtained from IR in the pop-up window. Select 'OK'.
  4. For a brand new user, first time accessing supply portal, the 'Supply Portal Terms' page containing the IBM Supply Portal service agreement appears,
    • Select 'I accept' if you agree with the terms and conditions and then continue with the registration.
    • Select 'I do not accept' if you do not agree with the terms and conditions and you will be returned to the 'Public Portal' page.
  5. Your own personalized 'My Portal: My Functions' page appears, listing the functions you can use (under the 'User functions' heading), and the applications you are authorized to access (under the 'Applications' heading).