Getting started

Requesting application access - Currently registered for any Supply Portal application - If you have logged onto the supply portal before or if you have access to any e-procurement tools (Supplier Problem Log, QIN, Internet Quoting, ESI, etc.), then you will need to follow these steps:
    1. Log onto MyPortal:MyFunctions in the Supply Portal using your IBM userid and password.
    2. Select Request App. Access which is located under the User Functions section.
    3. You will see the Select Application screen. Select SPL-Supplier Problem Log in the Application tab, then select Continue.
    4. You will be taken to the SPL Request Screen. Here is a description of each of the fields. These descriptions are available on-line by clicking on the title of the field. When complete, select Continue.
    5. Select Portal Role - There are two roles:
      • Coordinator: Approves and rejects portal requests for SPL access for your company.
      • Regular User - No company wide authority. Only can change personal id.

    You will see the Review Screen, Review the information. If changes are needed, select your browser’s back button, make the modifications, then select Continue. If everything is OK, select Submit.