PCN Help

PCN Application help The PCN Tracking Database is used to manage and track Product/Process Change Notifications (PCN) and End of Life (EOL) Notifications initiated by IBM vendors. These notices inform IBM about supplier changes that may impact incoming product quality levels. The database is used to communicate new PCNs or EOLs to the IBM site focal points. These sites evaluate the product changes and then input the evaluation outcome into the PCN/EOL database. The PCN coordinator or EOL coordinator then communicates an aggregate IBM position to the vendors.

The database tracks the progress of the PCN or EOL from initial review, establishment of requirements (testing, data review, audits, etc.) through to closure. The database informs a supplier when the document is loaded into the system and sends out automatic reminders to responsible focal points if it becomes past due. The database also generates status reports for suppliers and serves as a central store for all PCN and EOL notices.