Invoicing and getting paid

The Accounts Payable organization in Endicott processes invoices for all of the domestic IBM locations, Canada and Guadalajara, Mexico. Currently, Endicott is disbursing approximately $33 billion annually. Our invoicing process is a series of checks which assure that all invoices are paid quickly and accurately. All invoices must be mailed directly to:
IBM Accounts payable
1701 North St. (Bldg.14-4)
Endicott, NY 13760

No invoices should be mailed to Purchasing representatives or other IBM contacts. For more details regarding the invoicing procedure, please review the information below.

How to invoice IBM and get paid

Quality continues to be a focus for all of us. We are committed to continuously improve all aspects of our business, including our administrative process. The quality of your documentation is important to IBM. Included in this brochure is information IBM requires on your invoices and packing slips. Including this information on your documents will ensure accurate receipt and timely payment. Please forward this information to all appropriate personnel in your organization.

Information that must be contained on an invoice

Send Original Invoices to:
IBM Corporation,
Accounts Payable,
PO Box 8099,
Endicott, NY 13761-8099

General Information

Notify your IBM Procurement representative of any pricing changes before the invoice is sent to Accounts Payable. On "Advised Price" purchase orders, the supplier must contact the IBM Procurement representative with pricing before mailing the invoice. Invoices must be from the supplier and named on the purchase order; third party billing cannot be processed. Send invoices only, not statements.

Notify your IBM Procurement representative of any address changes before invoicing. Send purchase order acknowledgments to your Procurement representative. Send purchase order acknowledgments to your Procurement representative.

Credits are to be invoiced separately and marked "Credit Memo."

When prepaid freight charges are authorized by IBM, include a copy of the "prepaid freight bill" with the invoice. Freight charges will be deducted from the payment if this documentation is not included.

To meet IBM goals for the market driven quality and the reduction of paper documents, IBM is implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) invoices with our suppliers. For more information on EDI, contact your IBM buyer.

Non-US suppliers must fill out a foreign withholding tax exemption certificate or all taxable payments ill be taxed at the statutory 30% rate.

Note: Payment terms BEGIN UPON RECEIPT of an acceptable invoice (not the invoice data). In addition, a duplicate invoice must not be sent to IBM without prior review or authorization from your buyer. Agreed to payments terms must be correctly indicated on the invoice.

Information for Packaging Slips

To Ensure Accurate Receipt, be sure all Shipments:

Note: IBM reserves the right to, at any time:

For further information, please contact:

Determining the invoice receipt date

Payment terms of an invoice begin upon receipt at IBM of an acceptable document and are processed in a timely manner according to corporate guidelines. The receipt date used is based upon the billing address of the invoice: