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Invoicing Instructions

Below are the country-specific invoicing instructions for our suppliers enabled on Buy@IBM, our cloud-based procurement solution, hosted by SAP Ariba.

For more information on Buy@IBM, please visit Buy@IBM Transformation. For Support, please click here.

Entity Invoicing Instructions Entity codes
Aruba 1403
Azerbaijan 1552
Bahamas 0010
Barbados 0892
Bermuda 1401
Cayman Islands 1402
China 0030, 0526, 0684, 0792, 0798, 1072
Curacao 0097
Germany 7240, 1295
Guyana 0057
Jamaica 0073
Kuwait 0080
Mauritius 0636
St. Lucia 1404
Suriname 0129
Trinidad 0137
USA 0147, 0200, 0987, 1092