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Electronic Graphic Interchange Network

(EGI Net) - Electronic access for suppliers to IBM technical design data

The Electronic Graphic Interchange Network (EGI Net) is a Web-based application which allows suppliers to obtain design and technical drawing files via the Internet. When a supplier requests an EGI Net file using a Web browser, the requested design file is obtained from the central IBM repository (ERE), automatically translated into the requested view/file format, and forwarded to the requester. A part can be displayed in a variety of views and in many different CAD/CAM file formats. Suppliers can obtain design drawings throughout a project's life cycle beginning in the early engineering phases.

EGI Net offers users: rapid, low cost implementation through Internet access; a single standard interface; security through passwords and encryption; file trace and archive ability; improved data integrity; and lower cost. EGI Net accelerates the procurement process and improves efficiency. With rapid transmission of design data to suppliers (in the formats preferred: 2D, 3D, wire frame, IGES, DXF, STEP, etc), IBM has been able to speed up development and time-to-market.

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