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Archived IBM supplier conduct principles and guidelines

Listed below are the IBM Supplier Conduct Principles and Guidelines that were in effect from 2004 through March 2013. The IBM Supplier Conduct Principles were superceded by the EICC Code of Conduct for all IBM suppliers in March 2013.

Chief Procurement Officer letter

IBM supplier conduct principles/guidelines
Language Documents Date
English Principles - English (114KB)
Guidelines - English (65KB)
November 2004
Spanish (Latin America) Principles - Spanish (108KB)
Guidelines - Spanish (158KB)
November 2004
Chinese (Simplified) Principles - Chinese (600KB)
Guidelines - Chinese (956KB)
November 2004
Portuguese Principles - Portuguese (133KB)
Guidelines - Portuguese (266KB)
June 2005
Hungarian Principles - Hungarian (661KB)
Guidelines - Hungarian (1094KB)
July 2005
Russian Principles - Russian (639KB)
Guidelines - Russian (1092KB)
August 2005
Czech Principles - Czech (661KB)
Guidelines - Czech (1064KB)
October 2005
Polish Principles - Polish (663KB)
Guidelines - Polish (1104KB)
October 2005
Romanian Principles - Romanian (658KB)
Guidelines - Romanian (1060KB)
October 2005
Slovak Principles - Slovak (661KB)
Guidelines - Slovak (1069KB)
October 2005
French Principles - French (155KB)
Guidelines - French (233KB)
January 2009
German Principles - German (158KB)
Guidelines - German (243KB)
January 2009
Vietnamese Principles - Vietnamese (497KB)
Guidelines - Vietnamese (546KB)
January 2009