Accessibility guidelines for suppliers

Suppliers and vendors that sell or license software, hardware, Web, Learning, and information technology (IT) related products and services to IBM must provide documentation that the products they sell are accessible, which means that the information, and use of the information technology, can be used successfully by people who have disabilities.

Accessible products are developed and tested using accessibility tools and techniques that ensure the products meet accessibility laws, standards, and regulations. It is highly recommended that vendors conduct accessibility verification testing in order to accurately state their compliance.

Product accessibility compliance documentation is completed by the supplier and delivered to IBM. The following formats are acceptable:

It is important to note that there are multiple checklists, and the usage is dependent on the technology of the product. Therefore, the checklist provided must match the technology and/or the development language being used. In many cases, more than one checklist is required. For example, a software accessibility checklist is required for a software application, and a documentation accessibility checklist for the documentation provided with the application.

In addition, the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center provides guidelines, checklists, and techniques that can help suppliers understand what they need to do to make their technology and information accessible.

For more information or questions related to product accessibility, contact the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center