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CSA Fixpack news-old

Information regarding CSA fixpacks and releases

CSA Release 1.2.9 deploys on 21 May 2007.

Changes in this release include:

  1. Ability to turn off CSA E-mails by user id (All countries).
  2. Acceptance of Letter of Assurance to facilitate export office approval (US, UK, India only).
  3. Custom expenses (Canada and Hong Kong only).

26 August 2006 CSA Fix pack
The change you will notice as a result of this fix pack are:

22 July 2006 CSA Fix pack
The changes you will notice as a result of this fix pack are:

29 April 2006 CSA Fix pack
The resulting changes are:

24 April 2006 CSA Release 1.1 to deploy to China, France, Germany, India, and US
Contractor Sourcing Application (CSA) is deploying additional functions in a new release on 24 April 2006. The new release will not require any data migration from current CSA Release 1.0 to the new release of CSA Release 1.1. You will be able to access all current and new CSA requests in your existing account.

Some of the key benefits of CSA release 1.1 are:

Local country procurement will provided supplemental information to their supplier base if necessary. Please contact the Global Procurement Application Support Center for any assistance with CSA.

14 Jan 2006 CSA Fix pack deployed
The resulting changes are: