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Frequently asked questions


As a contract manufacturer (CM) I am concerned about security issues. What reassurances do I have that my data won't be seen by another CM?   Security is a common concern among all contract manufacturers so IBM has given security protocol on the A-Source Bill of Materials System special attention. Users are not granted A-Source userids unless they are approved by IBM procurement. They are assigned to uniquely authorized user groups which ensures that one contract manufacturer cannot see the data uploaded by another contract manufacturer. All transactions are done with the security protocol and encryption that exists on modern browsers

Can I use characters such as ", ', -, my spreadsheet source file?   No, special characters such as ", ', i.e., etc.. are reserved for use by the application.

Do the mandatory columns in an RFQ response have to be in a specific order?   No, the columns in the upload file can be in any order. You tell A-Source as part of the upload process where each column is located.

How do I ask a question or report a problem?   If you have a problem or question regarding the A-Source system, send and E-mail to . An incident will be created in our Problem Management/Reporting System and you will be contacted by a support person. Include the following information in your E-mail: Name, telephone number, E-mail address, company, location, problem description.

How do I look at an attachment?   To view an attachment double click on it. This will only work if the application that it was created in for example, Lotus Word-Pro, Excel, exists on your desktop.

How do I update a component price?   If you need to make an update to a component price, go to View Existing BOM. Select the twistie of the desired BOM Package for your name. Double click the component needing the update. Change the price and select Save.

How many columns are needed in the upload file for Multibom?   Nine (9) columns are needed in the Multibom upload file.

I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer, I make a change to a document in A-Source but I'm not seeing the change. What happened to it?   You need to change your MS Internet Explorer setup to the following settings:
  1. Press 'View' for Version 4 or 'Tools' for Version 5.
  2. Press 'Internet Options'.
  3. Under Temporary Internet Files, press 'Settings'.
  4. Select 'Every visit to the page'.

What happens if I don't have an IBM part number?   If you do not know the IBM part number, enter a comma (,) or a vertical bar ( | ) to indicate a blank column. You are then required to enter a supplier name in the 'Supplier name column' and a supplier part number in the 'Supplier part number column'.