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Rules for input to A-Source data files

Rules for A-Source input file
These rules apply for files being loaded into the A-Source application using the function Upload an RFQ Response:

The application does not sum up the quantities for the part:

Example of a good input file format
IBM P/N Description Vendor Vendor P/D Qty U/P(US$)
MAM0020 PWR_CTLR_HIP6018BC Harris HIP6018BCB-T 1 $1.3
MAM0021 128X8_SRAM Mitsubishi KM681000CLTI-7L 1 $3.2
    Toshiba TC551001CFT-70L    

Procedure for entering Component price and Supplier information into data File
Open down-loaded text file containing BOM data using a spreadsheet tool, such as Excel: