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Date Title
08 Dec 2011: IBM Contributes Data to the National Institutes of Health to Speed Drug Discovery and Cancer Research Innovation
05 Dec 2011: Made in IBM Labs: Researchers Demonstrate Future of Computing with Graphene, Racetrack and Carbon Nanotube Breakthroughs
18 Nov 2011: Jeopardy! Winnings Spur IBM and Scripps Research Institute Collaboration to Fight Against Malaria
17 Nov 2011: IBM Watson Visits Stanford and UC Berkeley to Engage the Next Generation of Leaders
17 Nov 2011: W3C Announces First Draft of Standard for Online Privacy
02 Nov 2011: The Genographic Project Confirms Humans Migrated Out of Africa through Arabia
01 Nov 2011: IBM and ABB Scientists Collaborate to Improve Energy Transmission for More Efficient Grids
31 Oct 2011: IBM Watson Heads to Harvard, MIT to Explore Future of Technology in Business
27 Oct 2011: IBM and Georgia Institute of Technology Partner on “One Million Healthy Children” Project
03 Oct 2011: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Donating Cooperative Web Technology That Enables Life Changing Healthcare Solutions
28 Sep 2011: Japan's KEK Research Turns to IBM to Develop Powerful Central Computer System
12 Sep 2011: WellPoint and IBM Announce Agreement to Put Watson to Work in Health Care
29 Aug 2011: IBM and Jeopardy! Relive History with Encore Presentation of Jeopardy!: The IBM Challenge
24 Aug 2011: Made in IBM Labs: New Flood Prediction Technology Simulates Rivers 100x Faster than Real Time
18 Aug 2011: IBM Unveils Cognitive Computing Chips
03 Aug 2011: IBM Helps to Support Kenya's Electronic Government Development Goals
29 Jul 2011: University of Louisville Collaborates With IBM to Speed Scientific Breakthroughs
22 Jul 2011: Made in IBM Labs: Researchers Demonstrate Breakthrough Storage Performance for Big Data Applications
15 Jul 2011: Coriell Institute Teams With IBM to Advance Personalized Medicine
30 Jun 2011: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Scientists Demonstrate Computer Memory Breakthrough

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