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Date Title
22 Dec 2006: IBM Milestone Demonstrates Optical Device to Advance Computer Performance
12 Dec 2006: IBM Announces Winners of Shared University Research Awards
12 Dec 2006: AMD and IBM Detail Early Results Using Immersion and Ultra Low-K in 45nm Chips
11 Dec 2006: Promising New Memory Chip Technology Demonstrated by IBM, Macronix & Qimonda Joint Research Team
06 Dec 2006: Astron and IBM Team To Help Research the First Origins Of The Universe
29 Nov 2006: IBM Highlights The Science Behind The Latest Videogames
21 Nov 2006: DARPA Selects IBM for Supercomputing Grand Challenge
26 Oct 2006: "Cool" Micro-Technologies Make Hot Chips Chill
26 Oct 2006: IBM, Chartered, Samsung Produce Advanced Mobile Technology for QUALCOMM
03 Oct 2006: IBM Strengthens Power Architecture With New Low-Power Processors
29 Sep 2006: IBM and Xing Revolutionize the Karaoke Experience Through Collaboration
11 Sep 2006: IBM's RFID Clipped Tag Named in Wall Street Journal Innovation Awards
08 Sep 2006: IBM Ships First Microchips for Nintendo's Wii Video Game System
29 Aug 2006: IBM, Chartered, Infineon and Samsung Announce Process and Design Readiness for Silicon Circuits on 45nm Low-Power Technology
25 Jul 2006: IBM Unleashes World's Most Powerful Server (1)
20 Jun 2006: IBM and Georgia Tech Break Silicon Speed Record
04 Apr 2006: Member Rapport Incorporated Previews New Energy Efficient Chip Design
20 Feb 2006: IBM Research Demonstrates Path for Extending Current Chip-Making Technique
06 Feb 2006: IBM Scientists Demonstrate Chipset to Boost Wireless Communications
06 Feb 2006: Announces Freescale Semiconductor as Newest Member to Open Community

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