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Date Title
11 Dec 2006: Report: IBM Achieves Top Growth Among Top Three Storage Software Vendors, Outpaces Overall Marketplace for Seventh Consecutive Quarter
05 Dec 2006: IBM Sets New Storage Performance Record With Industry-Standard Benchmark
05 Dec 2006: DHL and IBM Develop SOA-Based Logistics Platform for Karstadt
01 Dec 2006: IBM Posts Double-Digit Revenue Growth in External Disk Storage Systems, Outpacing Overall Marketplace, According to Leading Research Firm
27 Nov 2006: Iowa Health System Collaborates With IBM to Improve Access to Medical Data
16 Nov 2006: IBM Announces Expansion of Storage Portfolio for SMBs
08 Nov 2006: IBM Announces Midrange Storage Servers for the Telecommunications Industry
31 Oct 2006: IBM Expands Enterprise Storage Line
19 Oct 2006: New IBM Service Products Ease Information Management and Storage of Data
19 Oct 2006: IBM Announces Expanded E-Mail Archiving and Storage Solution
06 Oct 2006: Analyst: Mainframe Has "20-Year Advantage" Over Competing Platforms
22 Sep 2006: IBM Launches New Virtualization Engine for Tape With Grid Computing Capabilities
12 Sep 2006: IBM Introduces Breakthrough Technology to Ensure Customer Data Privacy
12 Sep 2006: REPORT: IBM Achieves Top Growth Among Leading Storage Software Vendors
06 Sep 2006: IBM Details Next Generation of Storage Innovation
01 Sep 2006: IBM Disk Storage Systems Continues Growth, According to Leading Research Firm
22 Aug 2006: IBM Turbocharges Storage Portfolio
08 Aug 2006: IBM Introduces New Storage Systems and Enhancements Targeting Small and Medium Businesses
20 Jul 2006: IBM Is Positioned in Leaders Quadrant for Storage Services
28 Jun 2006: Aperi Storage Community to Propose Open Source Project to Eclipse; Novell to Join Nine Storage Leaders

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