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Date Title
18 Dec 2002: Benoit Mandelbrot to receive prestigious Japan Prize
17 Dec 2002: IBM And Universities Expand Research Horizons
12 Dec 2002: Switzerland's Fastest Computer Installed in IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory
11 Dec 2002: IBM Haifa storage systems technology seminar brings together Israeli academia and developers
09 Dec 2002: IBM Announces World's Smallest Working Silicon Transistor
02 Dec 2002: IBM Announces New Offerings For Managing Medical Images
20 Nov 2002: IBM Research Launches Consulting Organization
20 Nov 2002: IBM Research Launches Consulting Organization
18 Nov 2002: IBM releases new design verification tool with support for the upcoming Sugar 2.0 standard
11 Nov 2002: IBM Creates New Dimension for High-Performance Chips
28 Oct 2002: Magma and IBM Collaborate To Accelerate Chip Designs From Concept To Silicon
24 Oct 2002: IBM scientists build world's smallest operating computing circuits
24 Oct 2002: Lessons Learned from Deep Blue Lead to New Computing Approaches
24 Oct 2002: IBM Scientists Build World's Smallest Operating Computing Circuits
16 Oct 2002: La Familia technology week
10 Oct 2002: Verification seminar forges the bonds between research, academia, and industry
03 Oct 2002: IBM Announces New Technology Designed to Reduce Chip Production Time and Costs
03 Oct 2002: IBM Announces New Technology Designed To Reduce Chip Production Time And Costs
30 Sep 2002: Nanotube Development Paves The Way For Nanotube Electronics
23 Sep 2002: IBM Marks the 25th Anniversary of the First Large-Scale Software Development Facility in the World

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