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Date Title
31 Dec 2002: Hitachi and IBM Complete Hard Disk Drive Agreement
13 Dec 2002: IBM Announces The World's First 10-Terabyte Business Intelligence Benchmark Result
06 Dec 2002: IBM Outpaces Disk Storage Systems Industry In Factory Revenue
19 Nov 2002: IBM Announces New Tape Storage on 50 Year Anniversary of Tape Invention
13 Nov 2002: IBM Delivers Powerful Storage Networking Products For Mid-Sized Customers
06 Nov 2002: IBM Improves "Pixie Dust" for Double the Magic
09 Oct 2002: IBM's Storage Interoperability Programs Gain Momentum
04 Oct 2002: Mobil Travel Guide Awards On-Demand Computing Contract To IBM
30 Sep 2002: Home Depot Launches a Major Computer Initiative
30 Sep 2002: Performance Leadership in Desktop Hard Drives is Child's Play For IBM
18 Sep 2002: Report: IBM Gains Disk Storage Systems Market Share on Competitors
18 Sep 2002: Report: IBM No. 1 in Storage Services
17 Sep 2002: IBM Brings Medical Images Online For The University Of Chicago Hospitals And Health System
20 Aug 2002: HP and IBM Expand Storage Interoperability Initiatives
05 Aug 2002: IBM Unveils Storage Networking Solutions For Managing Life Sciences
15 Jul 2002: IBM Introduces Next-generation Enterprise Storage Server--"Shark"--That Outperforms Competition
10 Jul 2002: IBM Delivers Storage In A "Pizza Box," Brings Improved Midrange And Integrated Solutions To Customers
09 Jul 2002: Rock-Solid Server Hard Drive Puts IBM Back On Top
02 Jul 2002: IBM Introduces New 3590 Tape Drive And Industry-Leading Virtual Tape Server Enhancements
18 Jun 2002: PJM Selects IBM's NAS 300G To Power Its Expanding Trading Operations

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