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Date Title
29 Feb 2000: J.P. Morgan to Base Future IT Architecture on IBM e-Business Software
29 Feb 2000: New IBM Software Delivers Web Content to Range of Internet Appliances
28 Feb 2000: SyncML Initiative Garners Support From Industry Leaders to Continue Development of the World's First Universal Standard for Data Synchronization
28 Feb 2000: IBM Unleashes a New Contoured Mouse Designed for Comfortable Scrolling and Easy Internet Access
28 Feb 2000: Recruits Affiliate Web Sites to Reach Out to Individual, Small and Medium Business Customers
25 Feb 2000: IBM and AT&T To Deliver Wireless Data Services to Corporate Customers
25 Feb 2000: IBM Leads the Hong Kong PC Market with 22% Share
25 Feb 2000: IBM & Deutsche Post Team to Launch e-Commerce Solution for Small Businesses
24 Feb 2000: Singapore Technologies Aerospace Chooses IBM To Power Its E-Commerce Engine
24 Feb 2000: IBM and Provide Customers With 'Out-of-office' Experience; Application Service Provider Chooses IBM RS/6000 Over Sun, HP
24 Feb 2000: IBM's 'Shark' Enterprise Storage Server Consolidates Storage at Florida Power & Light
23 Feb 2000: IBM Teams with AT&T and Lycos to Pilot Internet Appliance, Content and Services to Fidelity Investments® Customers
23 Feb 2000: IBM Teams with Cisco to Deliver Premiere Web-to-host Computing Software
22 Feb 2000: IBM-Geac Strategic Alliance for e-business Solutions Targets Food, Beverage, Apparel Industries
22 Feb 2000: Recording Academy and IBM Unveil First-time Grammy e-store
22 Feb 2000: SyncML Initiative Founded to Develop the World's First True Universal Standard for Data Synchronization
17 Feb 2000: New IBM Hardware Links Windows 2000 to the Enterprise
17 Feb 2000: IBM Announces DB2 Universal Database for NUMA-Q Servers
17 Feb 2000: IBM Announces NUMA-Q e-Business Solutions using 'Shark' Enterprise Storage Server
16 Feb 2000: Panoscan Inc. and Complete First Web Imaging Project With IBM HotMedia

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