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Date Title
17 Dec 1998: IBM Announces OEM Storage Shipment Milestone
11 Nov 1998: 100 Years of Magnetic Recording Milestones: 1898 to 1998
11 Nov 1998: IBM Announces the World's Highest Capacity Desktop PC Hard Drive
27 Oct 1998: IBM Announces the World's Fastest Hard Drive Shipping for Video Streaming
22 Oct 1998: IBM Announces Record-breaking Notebook Hard Drives
29 Sep 1998: IBM Web Cache Manager Shortens Internet Access Times
09 Sep 1998: IBM Introduces World's Smallest Hard Disk Drive
01 Sep 1998: IBM Expands Windows NT storage portfolio
03 Aug 1998: IBM Marks 10 Years of Leadership in Storage Management Software
29 Jul 1998: IBM's New Hard Drive Diagnostic Technology Offers Computer Users Peace Of Mind
23 Jun 1998: IBM Solutions Take HBOC Network Into Next Millennium
01 Jun 1998: IBM Announces New Seascape Storage Technologies to Manage and Share Information
04 May 1998: Western Digital and IBM Enter into Letter of Intent for Hard Disk Drive Component Supply and Technology Licensing
21 Apr 1998: IBM Enhances Network Storage Manager Family
13 Apr 1998: IBM's Magstar MP Offers the Best Combination of Data Rate and Access Time Among Midrange and Network Tape Storage Solutions
08 Apr 1998: IBM Expands Operations in Singapore
07 Apr 1998: HP, IBM, and Seagate introduce Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology for licensing to storage manufacturers
04 Mar 1998: IBM Announces a Record-Breaking Notebook PC Hard Drive
20 Feb 1998: IBM Expands Manufacturing Worldwide As Storage Component Demand Skyrockets

1 - 19 of 19 results

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