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09 Jul 2015: IBM Research Alliance Produces Industry’s First 7nm Node Test Chips
21 May 2015: Scientists from IBM Research and Australian Universities Reveal New Insight on the Molecular Structure of Plants
14 Nov 2014: U.S. Department of Energy Selects IBM “Data Centric” Systems to Advance Research and Tackle Big Data Challenges
10 Nov 2014: IBM, Forschungszentrum Jülich and NVIDIA Team to Establish POWER Acceleration and Design Center
08 Aug 2013: IBM Research Creates New Foundation to Program SyNAPSE Chips
21 Mar 2013: Made in IBM Labs: Scientists Discover New Atomic Technique to Charge Memory Chips
11 Mar 2013: Big Bang Meets Big Data: South Africa Joins ASTRON and IBM to Build the Foundation for a New Era of Computing
28 Feb 2012: IBM Research Advances Device Performance for Quantum Computing
10 Jun 2011: Made in IBM Labs: Researchers Unveil Nanotechnology Circuits for Wireless Devices
11 Feb 2010: IBM to Collaborate with Leading Australian Institutions to Push the Boundaries of Medical Research
29 Jul 2009: Next Generation IBM SurePOS 500 Offers Consumers Smarter, Sleeker Buying Experience
03 May 2007: IBM Brings Nature to Computer Chip Manufacturing
31 Jan 2007: IBM Selected to Build New Supercomputer of the Max Planck Society
27 Jan 2007: IBM Advancement to Spawn New Generation of Chips
11 Dec 2006: Promising New Memory Chip Technology Demonstrated by IBM, Macronix & Qimonda Joint Research Team
16 May 2006: IBM Researchers Set World Record in Magnetic Tape Data Density

1 - 16 of 16 results

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