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Date Title
22 Dec 2006: IBM Milestone Demonstrates Optical Device to Advance Computer Performance
14 Dec 2006: IBM, Top Universities Continue Software Intellectual Property Reform
12 Dec 2006: IBM Announces Winners of Shared University Research Awards
11 Dec 2006: Promising New Memory Chip Technology Demonstrated by IBM, Macronix & Qimonda Joint Research Team
07 Dec 2006: AccuWeather to Deliver Timely, Localized Weather Information via IBM Emerging Technology
06 Dec 2006: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Helps HDFC Bank Extract Information Insight to Enhance Customer Care
01 Dec 2006: IBM Expands Latin American Grid Computing Initiative
21 Nov 2006: DARPA Selects IBM for Supercomputing Grand Challenge
20 Nov 2006: CERT Signs Telematics Deal With Unibeton Readymix for Fleet Management Solution
15 Nov 2006: U.S. Department of Energy and IBM to Collaborate in Advancing Supercomputing Technology
14 Nov 2006: IBM Launches Major Services Initiative in China
14 Nov 2006: IBM Invests $100 Million in Collaborative Innovation Ideas
08 Nov 2006: IBM Licenses Clipped Tag RFID Technology to Marnlen RFiD
07 Nov 2006: IBM Introduces Advanced Digital Video Surveillance Service
31 Oct 2006: IBM Introduces Services to Enable Virtual Computing
30 Oct 2006: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Launches Innovative Tools to Create Custom Learning Courses in Real-Time
27 Oct 2006: Made in IBM Labs: Emerging Technology Connects the Dots Between Business and IT
26 Oct 2006: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Technology Improves English Speaking Skills
12 Oct 2006: Made in IBM Labs: Speech Translation Technology Breaks Through Language Barrier for U.S. Forces in Iraq
04 Oct 2006: IBM TechWatch: IBM Selected to Deliver Customized e-Payment

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