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Date Title
30 Nov 2000: IBM Research Advances Security Technology
10 Nov 2000: IBM Ships World's Highest-Resolution Computer Display
10 Oct 2000: IBM brings strategic business intelligence technology to the college campus
09 Oct 2000: First Genetic Trust Selects IBM as Information Technology Partner
11 Sep 2000: IBM Innovation To Improve "Internet Experience"
28 Aug 2000: IBM’s "DEEP BLUE" earns true Celibrity Status with new "Q" Rating
16 Aug 2000: New IBM Supercomputer Puts ‘ASCI White’ Power to Work for Researchers at Boston University
16 Aug 2000: IBM announces $100 Million investment in Life Sciences
15 Aug 2000: IBM-led team demonstrates most-advanced quantum computer
15 Aug 2000: IBM Launches New Era in Developer Relations
26 Jul 2000: IBM AS/400e Server Sets Domino Scalability and Performance Records
26 Jun 2000: IBM Research Breakthrough Doubles Computer Memory Capacity
06 Jun 2000: Three IBM Fellows Named, Company's Highest Technical Honor
11 May 2000: AltaVista, Compaq and IBM Researchers Create World's Largest, Most Accurate Picture of the Web
14 Apr 2000: IBM and University Researchers Uncover New Biomechanical Phenomenon Using Tiny Silicon "Fingers"
17 Mar 2000: IBM Researchers Create New "Self-assembling" Magnetic Materials
07 Feb 2000: IBM Researchers Demonstrate World's Fastest Computer Circuits
03 Feb 2000: IBM Scientists Discover Nanotech Communication Method
02 Feb 2000: "Quantum Mirage" May Enable Atom-scale Circuits; IBM Scientists Discover Nanotech Communication Method
11 Jan 2000: IBM Leads In U.S. Patents for Seventh Consecutive Year

1 - 20 of 20 results

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