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Date Title
18 Mar 2015: OpenPOWER Foundation Technology Leaders Unveil Hardware Solutions To Deliver New Server Alternatives
04 Mar 2015: SoftLayer to Offer OpenPOWER Servers to Help Clients Better Manage Workloads in the Cloud
20 Oct 2014: GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Acquire IBM's Microelectronics Business
07 Aug 2014: New IBM SyNAPSE Chip Could Open Era of Vast Neural Networks
03 Jun 2014: Nefelus Selects Aspera, an IBM Company, to Accelerate the Transfer of Big Data to Speed Computer Chip Design
15 May 2014: IBM Research Discovers New Class of Industrial Polymers
13 Feb 2014: Made in IBM Labs: Scientists Set New Speed Record for Big Data
24 Oct 2013: IBM licenses new ARM technology for custom chips aimed at networking, communications
06 Aug 2013: Google, IBM, Mellanox, NVIDIA, Tyan Announce Development Group for Data Centers
13 Jun 2013: UMC joins IBM chip alliance for 10nm process development
04 Jun 2013: IBM Preps New Wireless Chip Technology to Allow Mobile Operators to Clear the Data Bottleneck
14 May 2013: New IBM Center in Beijing to Speed Linux Applications on Power Systems
22 Apr 2013: Made in IBM Labs: Collaboration Aims to Harness the Energy of 2,000 Suns
21 Mar 2013: Made in IBM Labs: Scientists Discover New Atomic Technique to Charge Memory Chips
11 Mar 2013: Big Bang Meets Big Data: South Africa Joins ASTRON and IBM to Build the Foundation for a New Era of Computing
10 Jan 2013: IBM Tops U.S. Patent List for 20th Consecutive Year
28 Oct 2012: Made in IBM Labs: Researchers Demonstrate Initial Steps toward Commercial Fabrication of Carbon Nanotubes as a Successor to Silicon
03 Oct 2012: IBM Boosts Security, Cloud and Analytics Capabilities With New Power Systems, Storage and Mainframe Technologies
08 Feb 2012: IBM, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES to showcase next-generation chip technology at March forum
08 Feb 2012: Inspired by Steel, Nanomanufacturing Gets Wear-Resistant Carbide Tip

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