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21 Nov 2013: Scientists “Burst” Supercomputing Record with Bubble Collapse Simulation; Could Lead to Advances in Healthcare and Industrial Technology
18 Oct 2013: Made in IBM Labs: Using Analytics to Optimize Cloud Data Center Allocation
09 Oct 2013: $2 Million Awarded to Sutter Health, IBM and Geisinger Health System to Study Heart Failure Prediction
02 Oct 2013: IBM Teams With Leading Universities to Advance Research in Cognitive Systems
30 Sep 2013: Made in IBM Labs: Scientists Turn Data into Disease Detective to Predict Dengue Fever and Malaria Outbreaks
12 Sep 2013: IBM Customer Experience Lab Unveils New Social, Mobile and Big Data Innovations to Help C-Suite Leaders
04 Sep 2013: IndusInd Bank Turns to IBM to Deepen Customer Relationships
08 Aug 2013: IBM Research Creates New Foundation to Program SyNAPSE Chips
04 Jun 2013: IBM Preps New Wireless Chip Technology to Allow Mobile Operators to Clear the Data Bottleneck
04 Apr 2013: ICM's New Blue Gene Supercomputer Supports The Largest Biomedical Research Initiative In Poland
03 Apr 2013: IBM Announces New Innovations to Help Organizations Benefit from the Next Natural Resource: Big Data
21 Mar 2013: Made in IBM Labs: Scientists Discover New Atomic Technique to Charge Memory Chips
01 Feb 2013: President Obama Awards IBM Scientists with National Medal of Technology and Innovation for Inventing the Underlying Technology in LASIK Surgery
24 Jan 2013: IBM and The Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Develop New Antimicrobial Hydrogel to Fight Superbugs and Drug-Resistant Biofilms
15 Jan 2013: IBM Research Team Wins Coveted Feynman Prize for Advancing Scanning Probe Microscopy

1 - 15 of 15 results

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