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Date Title
21 Oct 2008: IBM Study Reveals Global Location Trends
14 Oct 2008: IBM Opens New Research Center in China
06 Oct 2008: IBM Invests £2 Million in Scotland for New UK Services Business to Run Mid-Sized Enterprise Data Centers
29 Sep 2008: IBM Extends Leadership in India Domestic IT Services Market
21 Sep 2008: IBM Scientists Unlock the Secret of the Kondo Effect
18 Sep 2008: Egyptian Government and IBM Initiatives to Develop Scientific Research, University Curriculum and IT Exports
17 Sep 2008: IBM and iEnterprises Integrate Business Social Networking for CRM
17 Sep 2008: IBM Opens Center for Social Software
17 Sep 2008: IBM, ITRI Collaborate to Advance New Solid-State Memory
11 Sep 2008: IBM Delivers New Mobility Services for the Healthcare Industry
11 Sep 2008: IBM audio cast with the National Museum of African American History and Culture
10 Sep 2008: IBM and NEC Electronics Sign Agreement for Joint Development of Next-Generation Semiconductor Process Technology
08 Sep 2008: MADE IN IBM LABS: IBM Research Unveils Storage Innovations
08 Sep 2008: IBM Announces Sweeping Initiative to Address Major Shift in The Flow of World's Data
08 Sep 2008: MADE IN IBM LABS: New Technology Preserves Photos, Videos, Healthcare Records and more for Decades
03 Sep 2008: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Moves Real-Time Communication and Collaboration Into 3-D
28 Aug 2008: IBM Breaks Performance Records Through Systems Innovation
18 Aug 2008: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Research Unleashes Powerful Speech Software
18 Aug 2008: IBM Software Supports Shared Health's Mission to Improve Patient Care Through Better Access to Healthcare Data
18 Aug 2008: IBM Gives Voice to the Stories and Lives of Alaskans

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