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Date Title
30 Aug 2007: IBM Unveils Two Major Nanotechnology Breakthroughs as Building Blocks for Atomic Structures and Devices
22 Aug 2007: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Showcases 40 Years of Innovation at the Toronto Software Lab
19 Aug 2007: IBM and TDK Launch Joint Research & Development Project for Advanced MRAM
15 Aug 2007: DREAM Organizers Announce Cellular Network Prediction Challenge
14 Aug 2007: MADE IN IBM LABS: The World's Tiniest Art on Display
24 Jul 2007: STMicroelectronics and IBM to Collaborate on Chip Technology
17 Jul 2007: Head of IBM Research Paul Horn retires; John E. Kelly, III to succeed
27 Jun 2007: Academia, IT Industry Leaders Create New Principles for Sharing Collaborative Research
26 Jun 2007: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Researches Cars With "Reflex" Technology
25 Jun 2007: IBM and OECD to Focus on Global Collaboration for Innovation
16 May 2007: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Unveils User-Friendly Web Application Development Tool for Non-Techies, Small Businesses
11 May 2007: Blue Gene, Progeny of IBM's Chess Champ, Deep Blue, Becomes an Engine of Scientific Discovery
10 May 2007: IBM Unveils Plan to Combat Data Center Energy Crisis; Allocates $1 Billion to Advance "Green" Technology and Services
10 May 2007: PG&E Collaborates with IBM to Reduce Energy Consumption in the Utility's California Data Centers by 80 Percent
03 May 2007: Made in IBM Labs: 10 Chip Breakthroughs in 10 Years
03 May 2007: IBM Brings Nature to Computer Chip Manufacturing
22 Apr 2007: IBM Milestone Brings MRI Technology to the Nanoscale
16 Apr 2007: Virtual worlds come to life at IBM
12 Apr 2007: IBM Moves Moore's Law into the Third-Dimension
11 Apr 2007: Made in IBM Labs: IBM Opens New Centers to Help Banks Improve the Consumer Experience

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