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Date Title
16 Jul 2007: IBM Signs $1.4 Billion Global Strategic Outsourcing Agreement With AstraZeneca
12 Jul 2007: New Benchmark Results Crown IBM Storage Virtualization the Highest Performing Solution in the World
10 Jul 2007: IBM Launches New and Enhanced Tape and Disk Storage Solutions With Virtualization and Grid Computing Capabilities
28 Jun 2007: IBM Expands High Performance Computing Capabilities for Clusters
22 Jun 2007: IBM Named Market Share Leader in Storage Services
11 Jun 2007: Report: IBM Achieves Double-Digit Revenue Growth in Storage Software for Q1 2007
07 Jun 2007: IBM Achieves the Fastest Growth of the Top Three Vendors in Worldwide External Disk Storage Systems Revenue for First Quarter 2007
04 Jun 2007: Report: IBM Passes All Major Vendors to Take #1 Position in Disk and Tape Storage Hardware Market Share Worldwide for 2006
22 May 2007: IBM Enhances Performance and IT Optimization While Helping Customers to Reduce Storage Needs
16 May 2007: IBM Introduces Breakthrough Grid Medical Computing Solution
16 May 2007: IBM Storage and Software Offerings Win Inaugural Brand Impact 2007 Awards
14 May 2007: IBM and VISICU Wire Pacific Rim With Remote Critical Care Services for Military
10 May 2007: IBM Unveils Plan to Combat Data Center Energy Crisis; Allocates $1 Billion to Advance "Green" Technology and Services
10 May 2007: PG&E Collaborates with IBM to Reduce Energy Consumption in the Utility's California Data Centers by 80 Percent
03 May 2007: Report: IBM #1 in Worldwide Branded Tape Revenue for 2006
25 Apr 2007: IBM Extends Enterprise-Level Encryption to Midmarket Customers
16 Apr 2007: Media Networks Go Digital With IBM
16 Apr 2007: IBM Announces New Storage and Services Solutions
26 Mar 2007: IBM Positioned in Leader Quadrant for Storage Resource Management and SAN Management Software
15 Mar 2007: IBM Data Retention Solution Wins Data Protection Summit "Best of Show" Award for Most Innovative Data Protection Technology

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