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Date Title
21 Feb 2008: Report: IBM Number One in Worldwide Branded Tape Revenue
12 Feb 2008: IBM Introduces Next Generation Storage Offerings
23 Oct 2007: IBM Introduces New and Enhanced Storage Virtualization Solutions
23 Oct 2007: IBM Offers Information Storage Platform for Small and Medium Businesses
17 Oct 2007: REPORT: IBM #1 in Worldwide Branded Tape Revenue for Second Quarter 2007
08 Aug 2007: Report: IBM #1 in Worldwide Branded Tape Revenue for Q1 2007
10 Jul 2007: IBM Launches New and Enhanced Tape and Disk Storage Solutions With Virtualization and Grid Computing Capabilities
03 May 2007: Report: IBM #1 in Worldwide Branded Tape Revenue for 2006
25 Apr 2007: IBM Extends Enterprise-Level Encryption to Midmarket Customers
13 Feb 2007: IBM Launches Industry's First Drive-Based Tape Encryption Solution for Midsized Businesses
08 Feb 2007: San Diego Supercomputer Center Triples Blue Gene Power While Achieving Record Storage Capacity Based on Newly Introduced IBM Technology
01 Dec 2006: IBM Posts Double-Digit Revenue Growth in External Disk Storage Systems, Outpacing Overall Marketplace, According to Leading Research Firm
31 Oct 2006: IBM Expands Enterprise Storage Line
22 Sep 2006: IBM Launches New Virtualization Engine for Tape With Grid Computing Capabilities
12 Sep 2006: IBM Introduces Breakthrough Technology to Ensure Customer Data Privacy
16 May 2006: IBM Researchers Set World Record in Magnetic Tape Data Density

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